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Property investment is exciting and rewarding, but not without risk

You mitigate that risk by engaging experienced and qualified advisors to guide you every step of the way to achieving your goals.

To bring a project to life, you need a builder, a finance broker and a real estate agent. At Resicom Access you find these skills and experience in one place. You have one expert guide with a total project perspective, taking you all the way from planning and approvals, to finance, through to sales, settlement and beyond.

Because we are uniquely qualified in all aspects of property development, the advice you receive carefully considers each stage of the project and the ultimate outcome. A holistic approach focused entirely on your success.

Talk to us today about developing your strategies to generate wealth through property.

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"Melina delivers a level of personalised and professional service that is rare in any industry and a true delight to find in a property manager. Melina is very calm and measured in her approach with both owners and tenants making her a pleasure to deal with."

Richelle & Tim

"As a private investor and developer Corrado has assisted me on many projects ranging from land subdivisions to 5, 8 and 32 unit developments and a four-star hotel."


"Kara provides a very professional and personalised commercial management service. She is friendly and diligent. She offers explanations for her work and is very knowledgeable in all real estate matters. I am completely confident in her competency and depth of knowledge and experience."


"Corrado has an exceptional understanding of the market and his network of associated services means that in addition to sales and marketing, he can also assist with all aspects of property development from finance to construction."


"Thanks so much Melina. You're a brilliant, lovely woman. As always, thank you for being so nice and helpful. You're good at your job. Love how even though we only rented off you for a short time you looked after us and still are. It's very hard to find a rental manager like you. Hope they appreciate you there. Hope your clients do to!"


Corrado Cusma

licensed real estate agent, licensed finance broker, registered builder, qualified project manager

Investment opportunities

Property is an investment you can see and touch

You apply real life knowledge and experience to selecting and managing your investment, and take pride in watching it grow.

There are many ways to invest, depending on your dreams and means. Add slowly and strategically to a personal portfolio, or make your mark short term with a development that boosts returns and leaves a legacy.

No matter where you are, or what the market is doing, there’s a way to get started and ultimately build long term wealth and security through property.

To find the path that’s right for you, we recommend options to suit your preference. Long term growth, long term cash flow or high return developments. For example, if you’re big on ambition and short on capital, you can buy a share in a development with an experienced developer. Either way there’s no pressure, just education and opportunity. Honest advice that helps you make the right decision to secure your future.

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