Access us as your complete project partner or choose a specialist service

Many of our clients choose us as their full-service project partner.

It’s a great way to work, because we can then offer you the benefit of our experience at every stage of the process; from initial feasibility studies and design right through to building, sales and settlement.

Or at any stage of your development journey, you can choose to tap into the expertise of one of our five divisions – Real Estate, Project Sales, Project Management, or Capital and Finance as required.

However you choose to engage us, we’ll work with you to understand your unique circumstances and objectives so we can create a clear strategy to help you achieve your goals, saving you time and money, and avoiding costly, preventable pitfalls along the way.

Invest in the right advice to make your project a success

Property development can be a very rewarding and profitable experience.

But if you’ve never done it before, or don’t have the time to devote to what can be a lengthy and complicated process, then it makes good commercial sense to appoint us as your project managers.

Set up your project for successl

Once we’ve attracted the right buyers, our skilled negotiators work with them to increase confidence in their purchase and secure the sale.

Specialist real estate services for investors

Because every investment strategy is different, our role is firstly to listen and understand your objectives.  Then we can support you in maximising investment returns through buying, selling and managing property.

Alternative funding solutions for development projects

Since the global financial crisis, resourceful property investors and developers have looked for alternative options to fund acquisitions and construction. We can introduce you to a range of alternate private capital and equity funding solutions to keep your development on track.

Competitive finance and expert advice for your unique circumstances

Resicom Access has a team of experienced finance brokers who can offer you professional, personalised advice on all aspects of property finance.

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