There is more than one way to invest in property

Serious investors consider property as one aspect of a considered strategic plan.

Those with a high appetite for risk, can make high returns in a short period through property development. Others prefer to take a long term view and slowly build a rental portfolio. You can start small and work your way up to bigger opportunities. Or employ a variety of investment techniques to deliver fast and steady returns.

At Resicom Access, our developer clients are continually releasing new and exciting projects which provide ideal opportunities for investors to participate on a small scale, or as a complete funding solution.

Consider our latest project opportunities or share your investment goals with us, and we’ll match you with an opportunity based on contribution value and timeframe.

We are open and transparent with all opportunities presented and report to you monthly, for the life of the venture.

Whatever your goals and preferences, we’ll work with you to design a strategy around your unique circumstances.

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Investment areas we assist with


Invest your savings to become a part owner in a development project and receive a share of the profit

Joint Ventures

You contribute the land and we introduce a funder and a builder to deliver your project at no cost to you

Private Funding

Take a major equity stake as a private funder for an agreed return or profit share plus options for greater involvement

How we work

Parameters & Goals

available investment capital, timeline, experience & expectations


present suitable investment opportunites

Commit & Plan

outline investment process, execute contract documents

Progress Reporting

regular monthly reporting on project progress


completion of development, distribute returns, refund capital

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