Set up your project for success

A successful marketing plan doesn’t just happen; it is painstakingly planned and priced, regularly reviewed and adjusted to achieve effective exposure within the given budget.

Once we’ve attracted the right buyers, our skilled negotiators work with them to increase confidence in their purchase and secure the sale.

But in our years as property development professionals, we’ve learned that the right design and a realistic price are the essential elements behind your project’s success.

By engaging our project management division right from the very beginning, we’ll work with you to set up your project to succeed.

A well-designed and carefully considered project is strategically positioned to attract buyers in a specific market. And an appropriate price lets you sell your project within a planned timeline and move on to your next opportunity.

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Project Sales Services

A tailored marketing plan for effective exposure
Media, graphics & content design to attract buyers
Skilled negotiation
Contract and settlement management
Informed advice on design and pricing
Regular Review and Reporting

How We Help You

Market Analysis

review design and pricing against market demand & performance

Marketing Plan

plan marketing activities & prepare marketing collateral

Marketing Launch

launch project to market

Contract Pre-Sales

negotiate sales contracts

Coordinate Settlements

manage buyers to achieve successful settlement

Access our project sales expertise today

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