Intelligent design is the key to achieving timely pre-sales in a challenging market

Today’s buyers are better educated about property and willing to wait for a quality buy.  To attract these buyers development projects have to deliver smarter design and better energy efficiency.  

A few key features carefully considered in the concept design phase, will deliver better quality homes with clear points of difference.

Our Design Excellence Reveiw process is a holistic property development design and feasibility service that does the hard work of project planning for you. We provide a comprehensive report to…

  • Determine the highest and best use of the site
  • Propose a development that fulfills buyer demand for property type and price point
  • Draft intelligent, environmentally sustainable concept plans for beautiful, functional homes
  • Provide construction specification recommendations
  • Calculate full development feasibility and profit margin

Smart design doesn’t cost any more than poor design at the planning stage, but poor design will cost your project big time if the market rejects you. For a minimal fee, you can lower the risk that your project won’t sell by offering a superior housing solution with clear points of difference.  Homes buyers will choose above others and potentially pay more for.

With a Design Excellence Review you set your project up for success from the beginning, with a clear plan to complete your project on schedule, on budget and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

Initial consultation is free.

Estimate the feasibility of your property development

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