The first step in assessing project feasibility

You have your sights set on a development site, but you’re not sure whether it’s priced right to support a profitable development.

Our clever property development feasibility app enables you to

  • Enter the proposed price of the land
  • Decide what to build, single storey, double storey or higher
  • Calculate how many square metres will be under construction
  • Estimate the development time frame, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months
  • Forecast how what you will achieve in sales ($/m2 or $/unit)
  • Calculate the feasibility
  • See at a glance the estimated profit margin and whether the development is likely to be profitable

This seemingly simple calculation takes into account a wide range of factors including

  • Acquisition costs such as stamp duty and conveyancing
  • Holding costs such as land/water rates, land tax and interest costs
  • Consultants fees, construction cost and contingency allowance
  • Selling costs such as marketing expenses, agent’s fees and conveyancing

An ideal way to determine if a development site is worth your time and attention.  If it is, then contact us today for a detailed development feasibility.

Estimate the feasibility of your property development

Simply enter a few figures on your proposed property development project to estimate its feasibility.

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