Finding you the perfect investment property

Once we establish your investment goals and objectives, we can profile and find an investment property that’s perfect for you. It may be a particular type of property, in a specific location, or at a particular price point or rental yield.

Finding the perfect property can be time consuming – and you might not have hours to spend scrolling through internet listings. Our professional buying agents are always on the lookout for new property listings so we can add your search criteria to our daily routine and call you when we find suitable options. If you like what you see, we’ll negotiate on your behalf for the best possible price and the most attractive terms, ultimately saving you time and money.

Development sites can be particularly challenging.  Not all sites are profitable and often developers wait months for the right opportunity to arise.  If you’re interested in property development and engage our services across the full development cycle, we’ll locate and negotiate a suitable development site free of charge.

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How We Help You

Requirements & Appointment

ascertain client requirements, execute agency contract

Profile & Search

profile target property, initiate market searches

Coordinate Inspections

present suitable properties to buyer

Negotiate Purchase

negotiate best possible price & terms

Coordinate Settlement

advise, guide & support the buyer to settlement

Access our investment portfolio expertise today

Estimate the feasibility of your property development

Simply enter a few figures on your proposed property development project to estimate its feasibility.

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