Professional marketing and selling services

Whether you’re cashing in an investment property or selling your own home, our professional property consultants will work with you to present your property for sale and negotiate a successful outcome within your target timeframe.

A carefully considered and professional marketing campaign will attract the right attention, then it’s all about negotiation. Our sales consultants are trained to ask the right questions to understand buyer motivations and then present the features of the property in a way that fulfils the buyer’s underlying objectives.  Buyers today are interested in more than an emotional connection.  They want to know that the property they’re buying makes good economic sense.  We are successful at sales, because we seek to understand our customers so we can match the right property to the right buyer.

Our professional approach to property sales ensures you are engaged and informed throughout the process so you’re comfortable with the marketing efforts and constantly updated on the feedback received from potential buyers.  Once the sale is secured, we work closely with you to ensure all conditions of contract are fulfilled promptly so the sale stays on track and on time.

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How We Help You

Appraisal & Authority

review property, estimate sale price, execute agency contract

Market Campaign

plan marketing activities & prepare marketing collateral

Open for Inspection

launch property to market & present to buyers

Negotiate Sale

achieve offers at best possible price & terms

Coordinate Settlement

fulfil terms of contract to achieve successful settlement

Access our real estate sales expertise today

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